Modern technologies

The specialists of Dental clinic №8 use modern technologies of 3D implant planning.

Individual approach

The entire implantation process is focused on the patient’s sensations; after completion of treatment, medical support is provided during the day. Throughout the entire treatment process, the specialists of GAUZ SP №8 create maximum conditions for the patient to feel comfortable.

Professional doctors

Our doctors have many years of experience, using modern technology and the latest diagnostic methods. And in the most difficult cases they achieve maximum results.


Dentistry for us is not a job, but a vocation


Dentist orthopedist

Gatsenko Sergey

Head physician


First category. 7 years of work experience.

Pipiya Inga

children's dentist


Children's dentist of the highest category

Timonina Oksana

Head of Children's Dental Department


First category, 19 years of work experience

Ravcheeva Svetlana

Dentist Therapist


Dentist-therapist of the highest qualification category, 16 years of work experience

Kornauhov Mihail

Head of the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry


Certificate in the specialty "Dentistry therapeutic", 9 years of work experience

Kudryashova Ekaterina

Dentist Therapist


Specialist of aesthetic and functional rehabilitation

Karamyan David

Orthopedic dentist


Orthopedic dentist of the highest category

Dubtsova Elena

Orthopedic dentist

Implantation Stages

The procedure for implanting artificial roots involves several stages.



Before the operation, it is necessary to take a panoramic picture of the teeth or CT to determine the exact location of the implants. As preparatory measures, oral cavity sanitation is carried out, including cleaning of dental deposits and treatment of dental diseases in order to exclude any sources of infection in the mouth.



The doctor anesthetizes the implantation zone with local anesthetics. Then, using a set of cutters, he makes a depression in the bone and screw the implant into it. If necessary, bone marrow transplantation is performed at this stage to normalize its volume.

Implant engraftment and orthopedic design


Bone tissue implant fouling is called osseointegration. It lasts from 3 to 6 months. At this time, a temporary crown is set for the patient, which preserves the aesthetics of the smile and restores chewing functions. Only after the dentist is convinced of the reliability of the stabilization of the artificial root will he install an orthopedic design on it.



What are the disadvantages of a removable denture?
A conventional removable denture that is attached to adjacent (abutment) teeth or by suctioning to the palate, gums, solves the problem only partially. Due to the uneven distribution of the chewing load, the bone tissue under the prosthesis still decreases, the bite changes, and the facial features lose their harmony.
What will happen if you do not insert a tooth in place of the fallen out?
After tooth loss, the bone tissue underneath gradually decreases, which negatively affects the bite: the teeth begin to move. If several units are missing, the work of the jaw joints is disrupted, the aesthetics of the face suffer.
What are the contraindications for dental implants?

The patient makes a decision on implantation only together with the dentist after examination and diagnosis, since this procedure has the following contraindications:

  • - age up to 18 years;
  • - blood pathology;
  • - severe periodontal disease;
  • - serious malocclusion;
  • - the period after myocardial infarction;
  • - diabetes in the stage of decompensation;
  • - oncological diseases;
  • - chronic renal and hepatic insufficiency;
  • - tuberculosis.

Benefits of Implants

Replaces the root

The implant completely replaces the tooth root, takes on a full chewing load, so the volume of bone tissue around it will remain unchanged, and your face will retain harmonious features;

No displacement

The risk of unforeseen displacement of the prosthesis is zero, since it is securely fixed to the implants with screws (fixed prosthetics) or locks (removable);


The gum adheres tightly to the prosthesis on implants, this provides an excellent appearance (artificial teeth look just like real ones) and hygienic safety (bacteria do not get under the prosthesis).

Message from the Chief Physician

"Our clinic is ready to offer you a wide range of services: from diagnostic tests to comprehensive treatment at dentists of all specialties using modern technologies, using the most modern equipment."

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